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Deborah Leyva

Hi Brad, the relationship is that in 2006 2006, CCHIT presented its 2006 ambulatory EHR certification criteria to AHIC and after considering the criteria, AHIC recommended that the Secretary recognize CCHIT-identified certification criteria for functionality, interoperability, and

This recommendation informed the Secretary’s decision to recognize the 2006
ambulatory EHR certification criteria for use by recognized certification bodies in
conjunction with published final rules for exceptions to the physician self-referral law and safe harbors to the anti-kickback statute for electronic prescribing and EHR software arrangements (71 FR 45140 and 71 FR 45110, respectively).

The way I interpreted it is that the CCHIT criteria was considered as the Govt came up with the Meaningful Use Criteria in its proposed Interim Final Rule.

Hope this helps. For more information take a look at the IFR 45 CFR 170.

Brad Rourke

I'm confused how the what was published in 2006 relates to the 2009 HITECH Certification

These provisions of the EHR exception and safe harbor anticipated that: 1) HHS would recognize one or more EHR certifying bodies, and 2) HHS would recognize criteria for the certification of EHRs. The Federal Register notice (71 FR 44295) describing the Secretary’s recognition of these certification criteria was published on August 4, 2006.

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