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Deborah Leyva

Elyse, you are absolutely correct. Collaborative teams are a key to success when implementing technology for electronic health records. A plan must be in place, with tasks, timelines, responsibilities, review processes, a budget, and the ultimate goal that is shared by all team members.

...and the work doesn't stop there. Education on use of the technology will be daunting since the technology will have a significant impact on the way many healthcare professionals deliver care. Previously I described this phenomena as a "wicked problem" on a prior post here >> http://www.myhealthtechblog.com/healthcaretech/WhyHealthcareCultureMustChange.pdf

Thank you for your comments.



Good Insights into a significant problem. The learning curve into Healthcare IT is significant. One approach which can help is to establish a good team with a mix. We are soo interdependent in the field, that the lone cowboy can no longer do it all. We need to focus on creating and empowering teams with different skillsets. These teams have technical, clinical, programming, project management, and business resources. For collaborative teams are going to be key to our success as we move forward with the meaningful use, ICD10, and updating legacy infrastructure.

Just a thought,

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