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Peggy Donohue

Thank you. The class is Emerging Trends in Nursing. Interesting class--no textbooks, just links to sites and one of the assignments is to follow a health-related blog.

Deborah Leyva

Hi Peggy,

Thank you for your comments. Yes, you did comment on the post "If air travel worked like healthcare" Best of luck to you in your efforts to receive your BSN. I am intrigued by your course title "Emerging Trends" I assume they are emerging trends in healthcare?

Best of luck

Peggy Donohue

I thought I had posted a few comments previously, can't see them now! I must have comment on a few of the interesting links. I am also an RN working on my BSN and am researching blogs for my class in Emerging Trends. I look forward to following your postings.
Peggy Donohue RN

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